Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

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Some places seem to look the same but actually it isn’t…  this is because every home is different, just like how no two people are alike.    My curious mind took a closer look and this is how Venice looks like.  Every home has a different character, a reflection of the people within. One thing […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures

Almost goodbye to 2012, but the memories of this year is here to stay for a lifetime.  A lot has happened, new friends… new experiences… new places seen, but the highlight would be my holiday in Italy.

Travel is perhaps one of the most enriching experiences a person can undertake.  I am truly blessed to see it happening to me in the past and more in the future.  My greatest achievement is in sharing it all with others,  giving out the feeling of excitement coming from the joy of exploration.

Wishes Do Come True.


Grand Canal – Venice

Grand Canal – Venice



I wonder how’s life living in water 365 days a year,  Venetians have obviously adopted well.  I guess life is all about adopting to everyday’s different circumstances.