Weekly Photo Challenge: Changing Seasons

Somewhere around the world at exactly the same time there is a different season. I grew up with only two – the wet and dry seasons; going to places and experiencing all four – winter, spring, summer and fall – is delightful.


All different, all fun, all wonderful, all make the world a special place… just like the seasons of our life, whatever we go through makes it more exciting.


autumn in Istanbul

autumn in Istanbul


Maple leaves litter the grounds of Topkapi palace in Istanbul… two days later the trees were almost bare.  I can still feel the cool Autumn breeze in my memory, my first encounter with Fall.



Spring time blooms in Italy


Red poppies!!! In the train crossing cities in Italy one beautiful Spring morning.  The carpet of red and green is just awesome.



snow capped mountains


Literally the changing of season, goodbye winter ; hello spring in Lourdes, France.



everyday Summer – Dubai


Everyday the sun says Hi! in Dubai.  This is what I see every morning outside my window. 🙂


Winter Snow - Beijing

Winter Snow – Beijing


Ahhhh, winter! I wished to see snow, thank God it happened on our 3rd day in Beijing.  This is a river at Yiheyuan – a summer palace in China.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

There is no doubt that for ages, men have been fascinated with any thing BIG.  Men created big things that have stood the test of time.  But what’s bigger is the determination, courage and imagination of the men who made it all happen.

the Great Wall of China


the Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE


the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey


the Eiffel Tower, Paris France


the Zigurat, Atlantis the Palm Dubai UAE





Istanbul, where Europe meet Asia.

Bosphorus Bridge


The Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey – the bridge between two continents.  Where ‘East’ meets ‘West’.  The only place where Europe and Asia meet.  Isn’t it amazing how our world was created!