Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says

Saw this sign in a place where goats literally roam everywhere.  This made me laugh… i sure hope the goats will follow this sign!

SIGN: No Goats Allowed

SIGN: No Goats Allowed

Oh yes! there is WIPI at Pisa (of course it meant WIFI).  I just found the message cute. 🙂

SIGN: WIPI available.

SIGN: WIPI available.


Free “wipi”!

wifi sign


Yipee! there is free “wipi”…. big 🙂


Photo Friday / The Hungry Camel

Photo Friday… desert driving again.  Came across this hungry camel just finishing off his rice-in-a-box.  How about that, even the animal species has gotten modernized 🙂 Take out anyone?

camel in the desert