Welcome 2013

Happy NEW YEAR!!! I can’t quite explain but I feel ecstatic about 2013.  There seems to be a very positive energy about this year and this good energy is so good to start the year right.

Every country around the world definitely had a wonderful way of saying bye to 2012 and hello to 2013…. I can imagine all the firework displays lighting up the skies for a good 10 minutes at least.

Well, Dubai has outdid itself again with last nights show.  A total extravaganza with an orchestra, jaw dropping performances, the fountain show and of course the Fireworks …. ; a synchronized one this time with the buildings around the Burj Khalifa (at present the world’s tallest tower) showing off at the same time.

Here you go…. some of my personal shots. 🙂 HAPPY NY2013 again folks! 🙂



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